Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today, I got caught outside talking to my neighbor. She's an interesting lady. She's seen ACDC (I wish my keyboard had a lightning bolt key) live a number of times and truly enjoys the finer things in life. Part of me is terrified of her but the other part of me is excited at possibly having made a friend for life. On a side note my hair is growing long.

Also, I now work at a jewelry store. Classy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feels like October.

The other day, I walked outside and realized that Summer had came and gone. Almost overnight. Like none of us would notice. I barely even got to see her! Oh well, now that she's gone, I'll probably stay in more nights and draw more things and update more often.

So, Summer is gone.

On another note, I've really been enjoying drawing female profiles lately. There's a unique sort of challenge about it.

Also, critters. Nothing's quite as fun as drawing critters...

My favorite animal of all time: The Cone Dog!

And finally here's a peek at what my next painting will be. After I finally get around to finishing my latest space chick.

Hmmm, Scuba Chick...very similar to Space Chick...I should branch out more...